Our Value System

Our value system is centered around several key principles:


We prioritize providing an excellent education to the students enrolled at Bateleur College. This reflects our passion for education and our commitment to equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.


We recognize the importance of making education accessible and affordable. By offering an affordable education, we aim to ensure that a wider range of students can benefit from our school's programs and opportunities.


Bateleur College strive to be innovative in our approach to education. This could involve incorporating modern teaching methods, utilizing technology effectively, or encouraging creative and critical thinking among students and staff.


Our school is non-denominational, meaning it does not align with any specific religious or spiritual belief system. This fosters an inclusive environment where students from various religious backgrounds can feel comfortable and respected.


We embrace and celebrate cultural diversity within your school community. By promoting tolerance, acceptance, and understanding, you create an environment that values and respects different cultures, traditions, and perspectives.

South African Identity:

Our value system acknowledges the context of South Africa, recognizing its unique history, culture, and challenges. By embracing South African identity, we contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals who are rooted in their own heritage while appreciating the diversity of others.

Overall, our value system reflects a commitment to providing an affordable, innovative, and excellent education while promoting tolerance and cultural understanding within the diverse South African context.

The 'Quality Kid' Pledge

The 'Quality Kid' pledge at Bateleur College emphasizes the important values and qualities that students strive to embody. By giving your best in everything you do, doing things right the first time, showing kindness, caring, honesty, and respect, and continuously seeking improvement, you are demonstrating a commitment to personal growth and making a positive impact on your surroundings.

I am a QUALITY KID who strives for excellence in everything I undertake. I prioritize getting things done correctly from the outset. I embody kindness, compassion, integrity, and respect in my interactions. I continually seek personal growth and development. I cherish our magnificent South Africa and uphold a deep concern for the well-being of all its inhabitants.