Bateleur College

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Our Vision

Our mission is to provide access to reasonably priced, high quality private education to all parents in the Northriding/Randburg area.

Bateleur College provides an excellent academic curriculum and tuition in a relaxed country environment.  

Grades R to 9 are offered in our traditional classes in the main Foundation Phase and Intersen buildings.

We commit to the policy that there will be no more than 25 students per class.

Our Activity Areas offer an Art Studio, After Care, Extra mural activities, school hall, library, small sports fields as well as a small Media Centre.  

Holiday camps are available for the holiday breaks (except December) to provide an affordable and safe option to parents that cannot afford to take time off work.

The location and set-up of the grounds and existing buildings provide a spacious, relaxed and tree-filled ambience that makes our College unique. There is plenty of room for future development without endangering this environment.  Our 'country-style' College ethos includes the commitment to maintain this relaxed atmosphere and promote a healthy lifestyle including an organic vegetable garden and catering based on Jamie Oliver's School Lunch programme.

We offer an optional affordable Meal Plan consisting of a healthy lunch, two snacks and drinks to students per day.  

The school has an official uniform. This is supplied by Student Schoolwear. Their garments insure quality and durability and are in keeping with their stringent standards. Payment will be made directly to the supplier.

We encourage family participation and promote Family Sports Days and Family Fun Days in keeping with this ethos. These are not fund-raising occasions and all refreshments and entertainments will be provided at cost. We strongly encourage you to attend these events with your whole family as an economical family outing and an opportunity to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Bateleur College.

We pride ourselves on transparancy !

All our fees are published on our web-site, what you see is what we charge.

There are no hidden expenses, no bake sales, civvie days, raffle tickets, fundraising events or sudden 'development' levies. Once a year you are asked to donate R 30-00 for a book for  Literature Day that goes into our Library and on Spring Day you are asked to send a packet of seeds or tray of seedlings for students to plant in the playground gardens. We ask you to supply a basic neutral costume for the school play such as a black t-shirt and leggings. That is all we ask you for the entire year !

We do not increase any of our fees by more than 10% per annum (except for our Meal Plan and that is based on annual food increases).

We also publish our Debtor's Policy, Enrolment procedures, School Rules, Schedule of Responsibilities, ISASA Parent Contract and Application Form on our web-site so that you are free to read all of them before you sign acceptance.

We keep updated on the latest innovations and trends in Education and we apply those we believe are applicable to our school environment.

We are non-religious and multi-cultural.

We are proud to have children of every cultural and religious denomination attending Bateleur College. We encourage tolerance and respect between all of our students. We have no religious content other than that required as part of the GDE/CAPS curriculum, which provides an overview of all major religions from Grade 4. There are no prayers or hymns. We accept that we live in a multi-cultural environment in South Africa and celebrate eight cultural festivals each year as part of our school ethos. These cover each of the major religions and include Easter, Christmas, Holi, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Eid, Loi Krathong and Tu B'Shevat. The festivals have no religious content but celebrate the food and cultural imprtance of the events. All students participate in the events and are introduced to different cultures as part of our school ethos.


Our Mission Statement

 The Need 

In 2010, 55 schools were approved for construction in Gauteng. None of these schools have been earmarked for the northern suburbs of Randburg/Roodepoort which has become an area of dire school shortage. This is a major concern to many parents residing in Randburg, Weltevreden Park, Allen’s Nek, Struben’s Valley, Radiokop, Little Falls and Honeydew. Many primary schools in these areas have 40 pupils per class. Currently many parents in these areas are having to send their children to schools in completely different areas such as Krugersdorp and central Johannesburg. 

According to the Northside Chronicle, the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) spokesman, Nanalogo Leopeng, explains that the GDE is currently conducting surveys to identify areas in need of schools. “The area in question has been identified as one needing school facilities. The GDE’s budget to 2011/12 has aleady been committed and a school for the area is not on the GDE’s building plans. 

One primary school should be allocated for every 1000 residential units and one secondary school for every 2000 units. The Councilor for Ward 97, Mike Tonkin, estimates that there are upward of 10 000 residential units in his ward alone. Local primary schools are grossly overcrowded with up to 40 pupils in a class.  

Therefore educational standards of pupils who have working parents can be improved by providing them with an opportunity to attend a quality Independent/Private school in the northern suburbs of Randburg/Roodepoort. They would be under the tuition of qualified teachers in the mornings and under the supervision of qualified educators in the afternoons, if they so wish. There is a need for such supervision, particularly as many mothers are being forced to work due to the economic climate. 

There is a demand amongst all communities in South Africa for pragmatic educational training, especially in the north of Randburg/Roodepoort where parents are pushing their children for success on an increasing basis. Certainly it is expensive to give private education to pupils using a system based on qualified educators, but the need for alternative private education demands special individual attention. The current chaotic system in State schools makes the establishment of a new interdenominational private school even more workable.

Update 2014 : Since Bateleur College was founded, the Department of Education has built two schools in Cosmo City (one Primary and one Secondary) and one Secondary school in Northriding/Douglasdale area. 

Statement of Mission

Our mission is to provide access to reasonably priced, innovative, high quality private education.