We care about Sustainability

Sustainability is our priority, and we are committed to promoting our 'country ethos' through various activities that emphasize sustainable practices.

To REDUCE waste, we employ vermiculture and composting methods, and we cultivate our own organic produce to supply our kitchen. Additionally, we strive to minimize our reliance on Eskom power by utilizing passive heating, natural light, solar heating, and natural gas as alternative energy sources. We make it a priority to teach and promote these practices to our students.

To REUSE resources, we prioritize salvaging and re-purposing furniture and equipment from the original building whenever possible, reducing the need to purchase new items. Furthermore, we have plans to install a rainwater catchment and storage system for garden irrigation purposes.

We actively encourage the practice of RECYCLING and aim to provide a designated area where parents can bring their recyclable materials to the school. Through education and encouragement, we strive to instil recycling habits in our students.

Our efforts to promote sustainability encompass various practices, such as permaculture techniques, organic vegetable cultivation, composting, vermiculture, and employing appropriate planting and harvesting methods in our vegetable garden. We also prioritize water-wise gardening practices to conserve this precious resource.

We strongly encourage our students to actively participate in these activities and even create their own vegetable gardens at home, using seedlings sourced from our school garden. Any surplus produce from our garden is made available for sale at reasonable prices.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, our school menu emphasizes healthy home cooking, incorporating fresh produce from our garden whenever feasible. Additionally, we ensure that all kitchen waste is either recycled or composted whenever practical, minimizing our environmental impact.

We care about Biodiversity

Bateleur College is fortunate to be surrounded by a rich variety of plants and animals, forming a thriving and diverse ecosystem.

Fauna and Flora

Bateleur's Cacti

Behold the breathtaking sight captured in this image, showcasing the magnificent cacti adjacent to our swimming pool. These remarkable plants, known for their resilience and unique beauty, grace us with their vibrant blooms for just a single day each year, specifically in the month of December.

Join us in marveling at the splendor of these cacti as they burst into glorious bloom, adding a touch of natural wonder and beauty to our December days at Bateleur College. 

Bateleur's Caterpillars

During the enchanting month of March, and periodically influenced by the weather, a fascinating phenomenon unfolds at Bateleur College. Our towering Kiepersol trees become a temporary home for extraordinary caterpillars, which descend upon them and voraciously devour their leaves.

These awe-inspiring caterpillars, embark on a remarkable journey following their leafy feast. Migrating down the trunks of the Kiepersol trees and gracefully traversing the grass, they seek out safe havens to undergo the miraculous process of pupation. Though their transformation occurs under the cloak of night, we can only imagine the breathtaking sight of these majestic creatures.

Dr. De Prins

Grade 2 class embarked on a journey of discovery as we encountered a captivating caterpillar, brimming with beauty and mystery. Fascinated by its presence and eager to unravel the secrets of these creatures, we sought the expertise of Dr. De Prins, a renowned authority and editor of Lepidoptera.

Dr. De Prins shared valuable insights on identifying these captivating caterpillars. Acknowledging the challenges of identification, he explained that the most effective approach would be to rear the caterpillars themselves. By carefully observing their metamorphosis, we can contribute to the ever-expanding knowledge of their biology. Dr. De Prins expressed confidence that our endeavours would likely reveal new and exciting discoveries.

Bateleur's Owl

Within the embrace of Bateleur College, a cherished presence graces our grounds—the majestic Spotted Eagle Owls. These remarkable creatures have made our campus their home, adding a touch of enchantment to our surroundings.

Spotted Eagle Owls, with their distinctively patterned feathers and piercing eyes, symbolize wisdom, grace, and the magic of the night. These magnificent birds of prey have found solace within the sanctuary of our college, where they can freely roam, hunt, and thrive in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.

At Bateleur College, we hold great reverence for the Spotted Eagle Owls that have chosen our school as their home. We cherish their presence and recognize their significance as guardians of our campus, silently watching over us and embodying the beauty of the wild within our educational environment.

Borehole Water

At Bateleur College, we responsibly utilize borehole water for multiple purposes, such as irrigation, maintaining our swimming pool, and meeting the needs of most of our bathroom facilities. Borehole water is sourced from underground aquifers, providing us with a sustainable water supply. By relying on this source for non-drinking purposes, we reduce our dependence on municipal water and contribute to the conservation of this precious resource.

To ensure the well-being and hydration of our learners, we provide them with access to clean and safe drinking water. We purchase processed drinking water from certified suppliers and make it available for filling their drinking bottles. Municipal water undergoes treatment processes to meet stringent drinking water standards, guaranteeing its quality and suitability for consumption and is used in our kitchen.

Through our commitment to utilizing borehole water efficiently and providing municipal water for drinking, Bateleur College embraces environmentally friendly practices and demonstrates our dedication to sustainability.

With pride, we present our school's vibrant ecosystem and our responsible water management practices to inspire and foster a sense of appreciation for the natural world among our students and community.