Extra Mural Activities

Our College stands out due to its unique location and serene atmosphere, surrounded by lush trees. The spacious grounds and existing buildings create a relaxed ambiance, which we strive to preserve while allowing for future development.

In line with our Country ethos, we encourage extramural activities that promote sustainable practices and permaculture techniques. Students will engage in activities such as composting, vermiculture, planting, and harvesting in our vegetable garden. They will also learn the art of healthy home cooking using fresh produce from the garden and gain knowledge about seasonal fruits and vegetables. To extend this learning beyond the school, students will be encouraged to establish their own vegetable gardens at home, with seedlings provided by the school. Any excess produce will be made available to parents at reduced costs.

In terms of sports and other extramural activities, we aim to offer a diverse range of options that cater to individual interests and the availability of infrastructure. Most of these activities are non-competitive and require minimal financial investment.

Sports and Active Activities:

  • Development of ball skills, including soccer, netball, and cricket
  • Mini versions of soccer, cricket, netball, t-ball, and tag rugby
  • Cross-country track
  • Creative and Ballet dance lessons
  • Karate lessons for boys and girls of all ages and abilities (subject to a minimum of 10 students)
  • Circuits based on the Discovery Vitality Playground program
  • Social swimming in our unique pool on Thursdays during summer

Other Extramural Activities:

  • Art and crafts encompassing a variety of mediums, such as drawing, painting, glass-painting, beading, batik, tie-dye, bread-dough work, and murals
  • Fine arts classes for older students, offering more advanced techniques
  • Nature studies
  • Introduction to cooking (Grades 3-7) and cooking for fun (Grades R-2)
  • Dramatic arts, including make-up, set design, and costume design
  • Chess
  • Permaculture, focusing on sustainable vegetable gardening

By providing these extramural activities, we aim to foster a well-rounded educational experience that promotes physical, artistic, and environmental development among our students.