Bateleur College

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Extra Mural Activities

The location and set-up of the grounds and existing buildings provide a spacious, relaxed and tree-filled ambience that makes our College unique. There is plenty of room for future development without endangering this environment.  

Extramural activities aimed at promoting our Country ethos will include permaculture techniques and sustainable practices such as composting and vermiculture, planting and harvesting of the vegetable garden, healthy home cooking using fresh garden produce and understanding of the different seasonal vegetables and fruits. Students will be encouraged to plant a vegetable garden at home using seedlings from the school and excess vegetables will be offered to parents at reduced costs.

Sport and Extra mural Activities

It is envisaged that the following activities would be offered according to interest and infrastructure. It will be noted that these are mostly non competitive and easy to found without high costs.


Ball skills including soccer skills, netball skills and cricket skills     

Mini soccer, mini cricket, mini-netball, t-ball and tag rugby   

Cross country track                                                   

Creative Dance lessons

Karate Lessons for boys and girls of all ages and abilities (subject to a minimum of 10 students)

Circuits based on the Discovery Vitality Playground programme

Social swimming in our unusual pool on Thursdays in summer

Other Extra mural activities

Art and Crafts offering a wide medium of lessons including drawing, painting, glass-painting, beading, batik, tie-die, bread-dough work and murals

Fine Arts offering more advanced class to older students

Nature Studies

Introduction to Cooking (Grades 3-7) and Cooking for Fun (Grades R -2)

Dramatic Arts including make-up, set design and costume design 


Permaculture including sustainable vegetable gardening