Commitment Statement 

Dear Students, Teachers, Staff, and Parents,

I am writing this commitment statement as your School Chairperson to express my unwavering dedication to our school community. It is with immense pride and enthusiasm that I affirm my commitment to fostering an environment that prioritises excellence, inclusivity, and personal growth for all.

First and foremost, I commit to providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our school remains a place where students feel physically and emotionally protected. I will collaborate with teachers, staff, and parents to implement robust safety measures and protocols, continuously assess and address potential risks, and promote a culture of respect and kindness throughout our school.

Secondly, I pledge to uphold the highest standards of academic excellence. I firmly believe that each student has unique talents and abilities, and it is my duty to facilitate an educational experience that nurtures their individual strengths. I will encourage our teachers to employ innovative teaching methods, embrace new technologies, and create engaging and inclusive classrooms where every student feels empowered to learn and grow.

Furthermore, I am dedicated to promoting a nurturing environment with a traditional family value system that will instill a universal moral and ethical base within our school community. I firmly believe that every student, regardless of their background, deserves equal opportunities to succeed. I will foster an environment that celebrates our differences, embraces cultural diversity, and promotes a sense of belonging for all students, staff, and families. Together, we will nurture tolerance, personal responsibility, respect and understanding of cultural differences and create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.

Additionally, I recognise the importance of effective communication and collaboration among all stakeholders. I commit to maintaining an open-door policy, ensuring that students, teachers, staff, and parents feel heard, valued, and supported. I will actively seek input and feedback from our school community and work collaboratively to address concerns and implement meaningful changes that enhance the educational experience for everyone involved.

Lastly, I am committed to the personal growth and development of our students. I will encourage and support extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs that foster leadership, teamwork, and character-building. I will strive to create a nurturing environment where students can explore their passions, discover their strengths, and develop the skills necessary to become responsible and compassionate global citizens.

In conclusion, as your School Chairperson, I am wholeheartedly committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and enriching educational experience for each and every member of our school community. Together, let us embark on this journey of learning, growth, and success, as we strive for excellence and create a brighter future for our students.


Chandre Roux