Grades R to 9

At Bateleur College, we pride ourselves on providing a nurturing and engaging learning environment for our students. Our school is divided into three main phases: the Foundation Phase, catering to Grades R to 3, the Intersen Phase, catering to Grades 4 to 6, the Senior Phase, catering to Grades 7 to 9. 

For the Foundation Phase, our Grades R to 3 students are accommodated in the main building as well as the adjacent buildings. These facilities are specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of our young learners, offering age-appropriate amenities and resources.

Meanwhile, our Intermediate and Senior Phase students, from Grades 4 to 9, have their own dedicated facility located at the bottom of the playground area. This separate facility provides a specialized environment that promotes their academic growth and independence as they progress through their middle school years.

To ensure individualized attention and a conducive learning environment, we maintain small class sizes with a maximum of 25 students per class. Each classroom is uniquely themed and decorated, fostering a sense of creativity, imagination, and pride among our students.

At Bateleur College, we believe in the importance of a unified identity and a sense of belonging. From Grade 1, our students wear the distinctive Bateleur College uniform, instilling a sense of pride, discipline, and unity among the student body. The uniform serves as a symbol of our shared values and aspirations.

Throughout the day, our students engage in a well-rounded curriculum that encompasses structured activities and classes. We offer a range of subjects and extracurricular activities to foster holistic development. Our dedicated teachers and staff work diligently to provide engaging and stimulating lessons that cater to the unique needs and interests of our students.

School Day

Bateleur College opens at 06h45 in the morning.

All students must be at school by 07h25, as our first class starts at 07h30.

School closes at 14h30, unless the student is enrolled for Aftercare. 

Grade Teachers

Grade R/1 

Mrs. Gouws

Grade 5 

Mr. Edey

Grade 2 

Mrs. Leibbrandt

Grade 6 

Mr. Phillipson

Grade 3 

Ms. Bannell

Grade 7 

Mrs. Nthabalala Makhado

Grade 4 

Mrs. Steenberg

Grade 8 & 9

Mrs. Pillay