Bateleur College

Seek Higher Things

Bateleur College Grades R to 9

Our Foundation Phase, Grades R to 3, are housed in the main and adjacent buildings. The Intersen Phase, Grades 4 to 9, are housed in their own facility located at the bottom of playground area.

We have a maximum of 25 students per class, and each class in individually themed and decorated.

Our students wear the Bateleur College uniform from Grade R and participate in structured activities and classes throughout the day.

The gates open at 06h45 in the morning and all students must be at school by 07h25. Our first class starts at 07h30.

School ends at 14h30.

Our Bateleur College Team

Grade R        Miss Van Niekerk

Grade 1        Mrs Gouws

Grade 2        Miss Smith

Grade 3        Mrs Holmes

Grade 4        Mrs Robinson

Grade 5        Mrs Baard

Grade 6        Mrs Kruger

Grade 7        Mrs McNaughton 

Grade 8        Miss Winter