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Mr Roux  November 1941 to August 2017

Mr Roux, Director and our Founding Chairman from 2011 until 2017, was an integral part of the formation of Bateleur College. The school's Mission statement and Value system are based on Mr Roux's vision for the school. His integrity, kindness, compassion and values have served as a shining example of a gentleman and a leader for the learners and staff. He will never be forgotten. The image below is of a very proud Mr Roux at the ISASA opening ceremony in February 2011. Mr Roux will be sorely missed by his wife, daughters, grandchildren, great grandchild and all at Bateleur College.


Mr Greenway    July 1939 to June 2015

Mr Greenway was a Director and our Founding Head Master and was instrumental in the establishment of Bateleur College.  He provided guidance for staff, parents and learners promoting a culture of academic excellence and ethical personal values. This photograph of a proud and beaming Mr Greenway was taken at the official ISASA opening ceremony in February 2011. He is sorely missed by his wife, daughters, grandchildren and all at Bateleur College.


Pumpkin (nee Thor) 2002 to 2017

Pumpkin - our beloved mascot , guard dog and lunch box liberator will be missed by the learners, staff and Roux family. This photograph was taken in February 2011 as he serenely kept an eye on the learners during our official ISASA opening.