In Memoriam: Reflecting on the Lives that have touched Bateleur College

At Bateleur College, we take a moment to honour and remember those who have left an indelible mark on our school community. Their contributions, presence, and cherished memories are forever etched within the tapestry of our institution.

Each person we commemorate holds a unique story, an individual journey that intertwined with the collective spirit of Bateleur College. Their presence brought warmth, inspiration, and a sense of belonging to our halls and classrooms.

Though they may no longer walk among us, their impact remains palpable. We remember their smiles, their laughter, and the wisdom they imparted. The legacy they have left behind continues to guide and shape our school's values and aspirations.

As we pause to honour their memory, let us also extend our thoughts and support to those who grieve their loss. Together, as a compassionate community, we can find solace and strength in the shared remembrance of those who have graced our lives.

May the spirits of our dearly departed forever inspire us to strive for excellence, kindness, and unity within the Bateleur College family. In their memory, we carry forward their light and their legacy, forever grateful for the time we shared together. 

Mrs Charmian Roux (1946 to 2021)

We pay tribute to the cherished matriarch, Mrs. Roux. A beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, she holds a special place in the hearts of the Roux family and the entire Bateleur College community. Her unwavering dedication, artistic brilliance, and exemplary conduct played an integral role in the establishment and success of our school.

As a founding member of Bateleur College, Mrs. Roux's tireless commitment laid the foundation upon which our educational institution stands today. Her visionary spirit and creative talents breathed life into every corner of our school, leaving an indelible mark that reflects her artistic prowess and unwavering passion.

Mrs. Roux's legacy will forever be intertwined with the fabric of Bateleur College. Her artistic expressions, infused with her unique touch, serve as a constant reminder of her talent and the depth of her artistic soul. Yet, it is her immeasurable kindness and love that will truly endure within our hearts, nurturing a sense of compassion and unity among our school community.

Together, we will honour her remarkable journey, the joy she brought to our lives, and the everlasting impact she made upon our beloved Bateleur College.

Mr Andre Roux (1941 to 2017)

we remember the remarkable life and legacy of Mr. Roux, our esteemed Director and Founding Chairman from 2011 to 2017. Mr. Roux played an integral role in the formation of Bateleur College, and his visionary spirit continues to shape our school's mission statement and core values.

Guided by his unwavering integrity, kindness, and compassion, Mr. Roux exemplified the qualities of a true gentleman and leader. His profound impact resonated throughout our school community, inspiring both learners and staff alike to embrace his values and strive for excellence.

Mr. Roux's unwavering commitment to a nurturing and inclusive learning environment has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all associated with Bateleur College. His vision and dedication have provided a solid foundation upon which our school continues to thrive.

The photograph to the right captures a proud moment for Mr. Roux, taken during the ISASA opening ceremony in February 2011. This image serves as a testament to his tireless efforts and the joy he took in witnessing the realization of his vision for our school.

As we reflect on the life and accomplishments of Mr. Roux, we honour his memory by carrying forward his legacy of compassion, integrity, and dedication. Though he may no longer be with us, his spirit will forever be etched into the fabric of Bateleur College, guiding us as we continue to provide an exceptional education and nurturing environment for generations to come.

Mr Glen Greenway (1939 to 2015)

We pay tribute to the remarkable life and unwavering dedication of Mr. Greenway, our esteemed Director and Founding Head Master at Bateleur College. His visionary leadership and tireless efforts were instrumental in establishing our beloved institution.

Mr. Greenway's influence extended far beyond the confines of administrative responsibilities. With unwavering passion, he provided invaluable guidance to our staff, parents, and learners, fostering a culture of academic excellence and ethical personal values. His commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a supportive educational environment has left an indelible mark on the Bateleur College community.

The photograph captures a cherished moment of Mr. Greenway's pride and joy, taken during the official ISASA opening ceremony in February 2011. His beaming smile serves as a testament to the profound satisfaction he felt witnessing the realization of his vision for our school.

We honor Mr. Greenway's memory by embracing the values and principles he instilled within us. His enduring impact serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path of academic excellence, personal growth, and ethical conduct that remains at the heart of Bateleur College.

Pumpkin nee Thor (2002 to 2017)

Honouring the cherished presence of Pumpkin, our beloved mascot, faithful guard dog, and mischievous lunch box liberator. His passing leaves a void in the hearts of the learners, staff, and the Roux family, reminding us of the joy and warmth he brought to our Bateleur College community.

Pumpkin's endearing spirit touched the lives of all who encountered him. With his unwavering loyalty and playful nature, he became an integral part of our school family, bringing smiles and laughter to our daily lives. His unique personality was a source of comfort and companionship for the learners, providing them with a furry friend to lean on.

The photograph captured below encapsulates Pumpkin's serene presence during the official ISASA opening in February 2011. Standing guard with a watchful eye, he exemplified his role as a protector and symbol of unity within our school community.

We will forever cherish the memories of his playful antics, his gentle nature, and the sense of security he brought to our campus.

May he rest peacefully, knowing that his paw-prints will forever be imprinted on the souls of all who were fortunate enough to know him.