Curriculum Approach

Bateleur College provides a private school education that follows the CAPS and IEB compliant curriculum. 

The ideal location for a school varies among individuals; some prefer the countryside, while others believe it should be close to a town for communication and exposure to the real world of commerce and industry. Bateleur College offers the best of both worlds.

Despite being just a few kilometers away from Northgate and Kya Sands, Bateleur College is completely shielded from them. Mature trees create a natural barrier, preserving the tranquil atmosphere on the School's nine-acre campus. Bateleur College is at the forefront of integrating junior education into the independent school system, striving to incorporate its unique countryside ambience into the curriculum whenever possible.

Our Senior Phase have their own dedicated buildings at the far end of the campus, nestled in a picturesque wooded setting with easy access to facilities. It operates under its own structure, led by a Principal who is a member of the South African Heads of Independent Schools Association (SAHISA). 

An Art Centre is also available, providing a relaxed environment for exploring various multimedia opportunities, such as macrame, pottery, batik, and other disciplines. 

Sports and games activities hold a prominent place in the curriculum. 

Future plans for Bateleur College include fully networked computers, multimedia PCs, and interactive whiteboards in our Media Rooms. By implementing interactive whiteboards, Bateleur College ensures that information and communication technology (ICT) is an integral part of the learning process, reflecting its commitment to the future.

Bateleur College views education as a partnership with parents, fostering regular reports, parent evenings, and frequent informal interactions with the Head and staff.

Creative Thinking

With a strong commitment to fostering innovation and providing our students with cutting-edge global practices, we have introduced a weekly Creative Thinking lesson. This engaging session spans an hour, involving the entire student body in collaborative activities. Our primary goal is to inspire students to embrace creativity as they navigate both their academic pursuits and personal lives. During this hour-long session, we structure a variety of activities that align with the themes explored in our curriculum. By intertwining these activities with the subjects covered in class, we aim to cultivate a creative mindset among our students, empowering them to approach learning and life in a more imaginative and unconventional manner.

Rhythm, dance, and movement are incorporated into our curriculum to encourage children to express themselves through their bodies. They will learn various dance styles and engage in expressive movement activities. In Drama and Music, children will explore different genres of music, participate in dance routines, and develop their dramatic skills. These experiences will culminate in a school play later in the year. Art Appreciation and Visual Arts will expose the children to various art forms, types of art, and notable artists. They will learn about different artistic techniques and have opportunities to create their own artwork. Perceptual themes are integrated into our creative approach to concepts such as time, shapes, and colour. Through innovative and enjoyable techniques, we help children grasp these concepts in a fun and engaging manner. Language skills are fostered through entertaining activities that teach second and third languages. We provide interactive experiences that make learning languages enjoyable for the children.

We aim to strike a balance between the increasing influence of technology and a more imaginative approach to our curriculum. This will inspire children to engage with education in a creative manner, encouraging them to explore and think critically about the subjects they learn.

We believe that by fostering creative skills, children will be better equipped to approach their future careers with innovative ideas. These skills will empower them to develop new technologies, systems, and processes that can shape the world in a variety of fields.