Bateleur College

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We care about Sustainability !

We intend promoting our 'country ethos' with activities that highlight the practice of Sustainability.

REDUCE  - we will reduce waste products with our vermiculture and composting and by growing our own organic produce to supply our kitchen. We will attempt to use passive heating, natural light, solar heating and natural gas as an alternative to Eskom power. We will teach and promote this to our students.

REUSE - we have reused as much furniture and equipment from the original building as possible to limit the necessity of purchasing new equipment. We plan on installing a rainwater catchment and storage system to use for irrigation of the garden.

RECYCLE - we will teach and encourage the practice of recycling and will eventually be able to offer an area to parents where they may bring their recycling to the school.

We aim to promote sustainable practices that will include permaculture techniques,growing organic vegetables, composting and vermiculture, correct planting and harvesting techniques of the vegetable garden as well as water-wise gardening practices.

Our students are encouraged to participate in these activities and to create their own vegetable gardens at home using seedlings from the school garden. Any excess produce from our garden will be offered for sale at reasonable costs.

Our school menu promotes healthy home cooking using fresh garden produce from our own garden (where possible). All kitchen waste is recycled or composted (where practical).