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Sports at Bateleur College


We are passionate about sports and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our students wear a sports uniform three times a week and participate in one hour of compulsory sports on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We have two thirty minute breaks a day and students are encouraged to play soccer and be active during breaks.

We have approximately three acres of grounds that are used for various sporting activities. As we are a small school everything we offer is geared for small teams, 5-a-side soccer, KFC mini-cricket, action netball, softball, 7-a-side tag rugby, volleyball, balls skills including hockey and a super-circuit based on the Discovery Vitality playground circuit.

We have three sports houses, Roux, Greenway and College. We host two sports days each year where our houses compete against each other. We may be a small school, but we are extremely competitive and we are proud to have instilled a love of sports and outdoor activity in our students.

We are currently building relationships with other small schools in the area with the intention of arranging sports outings and competitions with them in the future.

Our development plans include a large soccer pitch near the main entrance, two netball/soccer fields in the playgrounds, a tennis court and the development of an indoor gymnastic area.

Our extra mural activities include Creative Dance and Karate, so students have the opportunity for an extra two hours of activity weekly between 14h30 and 15h30 on a Tuesday and Wednesday.