Independent Quality Assurance Agency

Bateleur College is thrilled to announce the receipt of a letter from Mr. Hosty following the completion of our IQAA evaluation. We take immense pride in sharing the contents of this letter.

Dear Mrs Gouws,


The leadership of the school exudes energy and creativity, and the educators and administrators are clearly excited to be part of a highly effective team unfolding the school’s vision.

Kevin Tait

IQAA Mentor.

I have read the relevant documents and reports pertaining to the evaluation of Bateleur College. Collectively they portray a happy, vibrant and productive learning environment that, in a very short period of seven years is developing a reputation for excellence in education. I am sure that even members of the founding families would not have envisioned the wonderful school that is Bateleur College today. The school's website is very appealing and informative, and contains several delightful features. The principles outlined in the school's Vision and Mission Statements, together with the Value System, really seem to permeate the lives of all who are involved in its community, and they are also evident in the tone and content of this Evaluation Report.

It is pleasing to note that on the whole you received very positive feedback from the Opinion Surveys. This is a clear indication that the key stakeholders in the school are committed to its welfare and sustainability. The evaluation team, ably led by Chandre Roux, has done well to effectively collate the salient points arising from the surveys, class visits and focus groups. In her capacity as the Report Writer, Ms Roux is also commended for the succinct compilation and editing of the final Report.

None of the Areas of Concern highlighted in this Report present insurmountable challenges to the management of the school. The time frames and the delegation of responsibilities listed in the Recommendations for Action on School Improvement all appear realistic. You are wise to extend the time frame for the items that require capital funding, such as cricket facilities and the resurfacing of the swimming pool. It is encouraging to see that several tasks are already in the process of being addressed. I suggest you formally schedule a twice yearly review of the recommendations, to monitor progress and also to foster informative communication within your community. The bedrock of any quality school is the presence of dedicated and visionary leadership, and it is evident that these qualities currently abound. No doubt you would concur that a head of school cannot solely attain and sustain such an accolade, and that effective leadership is invariably supported by a dedicated team.

Your school can feel very heartened by the summary of Key Strengths in the report, in that it reflects the core purpose of any school — the provision of quality teaching and learning. Furthermore, this is encompassed in a close-knit community in which the dedicated and competent staff genuinely care about the well-being of the boys and girls. I wish to congratulate Bateleur College on a most positive evaluation. Your school offers your children a meaningful education in tranquil environment, creating a solid platform for their futures. It is apparent your entire community fully embraced the spirit of this evaluation journey; I trust you are inspired as you reflect on past and present accomplishments, and future challenges.

I wish to thank you for the warm hospitality extended to our mentor, Kevin Tait, who was very mindful of your support and professionalism. We appreciate the competent manner in which the evaluation team undertook this demanding process.

You may proudly share this report, and my concluding comments, with your school community. A certificate confirming the completion of the evaluation, together with an IQAA logo for your website and correspondence, will be sent to you in the near future.

Yours sincerely,


Executive Director