Bateleur College

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Creative Thinking


In our drive to be innovative and to offer our students the very best of international trends, we have started a Creative Thinking lesson once a week. This lesson runs for one hour, and the whole student body participates in the activities together. We aim to encourage our students to be more creative in the way they approach learning and life in general. 

The hour is broken down into a number of different activities, linked to the themes covered in the curriculum.


  1. Rhythm, dance and movement which follows a prescribed curriculum and encourages children to express themselves through their bodies by way of dance and movement. 

  2. Drama and Music entails listening to different music (and dancing along to it) and dramatic arts which will form the basis of our school play later in the year.

  3. Art Appreciation and Visual Arts will introduce the children to different types of art, art forms and artists.

  4. Perceptual themes where we approach concepts such as time, shapes and colour in a creative way and use innovative and fun techniques to get children to understand these concepts.

  5. Language skills where we use fun activities to teach second and third languages.


This is the first time we are introducing Creative Thinking to the school, and we are very excited at all of the breakthroughs and techniques being used internationally to encourage this vital aspect of children’s development. It will balance the move towards technology with a more creative approach towards the content we have in the curriculum and encourage children to experience and think about education in a more creative manner. We are hopeful that these skills will later translate into more creative approaches to skills that will enable them to create new technologies, systems and processes in whatever career they choose.