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Community Projects

Bateleur College encourages leaners to engage in community projects as part of our ethos.


CHOC Initiative by Mrs Griffiths

Dear Parents  

Thank you so much for your generosity in sending a boot full of food to CHOC Saxonwold House.  

I delivered the donation, along with the learners' Get Well Soon cards, on Monday afternoon, 12 September. The ladies at CHOC were very grateful and promised to keep us updated of future fundraising events. They were particularly taken by the heartfelt Get Well wishes.  

Many thanks again.  

Kind regards  

Marelize Griffiths

Gr.6 Teacher


SPCA INIATIVE - November 2015

There was a fire in November 2015 at the local SPCA. This was discussed at assembly and learners rallied to collect food that was then delivered along with a cash donation.

Dear Parents 

As many of you may or may not be aware the Randburg SPCA on Northumberland was destroyed by a fire this morning. This was a topic of conversation amongst the children at school today and we have decided that as a school we will be making a contribution towards the SPCA. 

All the animals were rescued to safety but all stock and buildings were destroyed. 

Please feel free to donate any of the following: 

Dog/ cat food ( tinned or pellets)


Animal toys

Food/water bowls


On Friday afternoon the 13 November all items and monies collected will be delivered to the SPCA.


Mandela Day - August 2018

In memory of Madiba, and for the centenary celebrations this year, Bateleur College embarked on an initiative to teach all of our learners (Grade R to Grade 7) to knit. Each learner was asked to donate a knitted square that would then be made into blankets and donated to a charity. We were not sure how big a challenge this would be, so we started at the beginning of April. We were amazed at how enthusiastic the learners (and parents) were and soon we were watching learners knitting in the playground, before school, after school and in class after their work was finished. Older learners helped younger ones, boys and girls knitted together. We received an impressive 450 squares from our 142 learners. Our support staff and volunteers spent the holidays sewing the squares into blankets which we lined with fleece. We made 32 blankets in total for Matchbox Babies. Learners listened attentively to Mr Jason Fivaz explaining how this charity works and how their donation will be used in a local community project. We were also featured in the Randburg Sun under the appropriate heading 'A close-knit community'.We could not be prouder of our wonderful school!

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    Knitting 4
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    Knitting BC
  • Knitting
  • Knitting blankets
    Knitting blankets
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    Knitting blankets 1
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    Matchbox 24
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    Matchbox 23
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    Matchbox 1
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    Matchbox 13
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    Matchbox 20
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    Matchbox 25
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